We are the leading Influencer Marketing Agency in Kolkata, India

High-quality Influencer Marketing is Enmay’s forte
Collaborating with the most trusted and popular brands, content creators, and influencers, we help your brand messages go viral online


Share your business goals with Enmay’s team and thereafter we will help you to craft a plan and strategy for Influencer Marketing in alignment with those goals. We will also help you to choose the right social media influencers after analyzing metrics like engagement rates, number of followers, business association history and campaign performances, etc.

Basically we research and analyze intensively if an Influencer is a right match for your brand, and also if the audience of the influencers is similar to the target audience of your brand. This kind of approach ensures that your message reaches to the right audience, and that the ROI is high.



After shortlisting the relevant influencers, we contact them and send them custom proposals for campaign execution, as per the requirements and preference of the brand. Further, we constantly keep communicating with the brand and influencer, and at the same time, Enmay’s team creates valuable content for these campaigns that will leave a mark online and resonate highly with the target viewers.

The kind of shareable/likable content we prepare helps your brand get instant and better engagement, and ultimately get closer the desired results in terms of your business goals. Finally, we run the campaign over a period of time and keep tracking the campaign outcomes across various channels and media.



When the appropriate Content Creators and Influencers tell inspirational stories and advocate your brand as a part of the campaigns, on their social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram etc., their Subscribers or Followers gain awareness about the brand and start paying attention.

As attention is the new currency, this audience will ultimately end up buying something or trusting and recommending your brand to others. This way not only brand gets boosted immediately, but it gets better leads, sales, word-of-mouth and greater ROI and profits through Influencer Marketing.


Now is the time to adopt a multi-channel for brand promotion

In today’s day and edge, only “Omni-channel” media and marketing works!

Enmay a leading multimedia marketing agency with a strong team of highly experienced marketers, developers programmers, social media and digital media specialists. We integrate various forms of media including web, digital, and social media into comprehensive plan for your brand or business. This comprehensive approach gives your business a brilliant edge over your competition.

Why settle for one single medium when you can capture many? In short, we help you build your marketing and storytelling from scratch, strategize and coordinate various branding elements into one cohesive multimedia plan, so that it can be executed seamlessly and consistently across various media. You will fall in love with our outcome and rock-solid analytics based multimedia work.


Creative plan for promotion

Make the most of the social world to influence popularity through several digital tools.
We provide effective strategies to enhance the social media presence of our clients.

Even if you have never tried Digital Marketing before, we can create a short-term and long-term strategy as per your business needs.

With an increase in internet proliferation and the number of netizens and online shoppers, getting ranked and seen in Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc, have become very important for business. SEO helps you in getting a place in top results of Google.

More people are now moving to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Do you want to reach out to more customers through these platforms?

If you have an email list, you can send promotional or non-promotional emails on a regular basis. Keep your customers and prospects updated about offers, happenings on your company, etc. through email marketing.

A well-researched and well-optimized marketing funnel is where greater profit for your company lies. Funnel marketing through digital mediums can enhance brand loyalty and enable seamless lead generation, lead nurturing, and ultimately affect sales positively.

We run A/B Testing and CRO campaigns to see what works best in terms of generating more sales and revenue.

Welcome to our Enmay Web

Masters in developing a website - the first foothold
in the immense world of web. We specialize in web design
that matches the tempo of your product and your style and
put a little bit of you in the world wide web.

Custom PHP Development

We deliver expert PHP solutions that are tailored to fit your business needs and while meeting coding standards

WordPress Development

One of our core competencies is creating custom plugins and modules for WordPress based on the infrastructure.

Ecommerce Development

Our expertise in cloud-based ERP and CRM technologies stand to help your business immensely.

Mobile App Development

Our Company’s mission is to use our knowledge of Integrated Development Environment.

UI/UX Customization

We enable users to customize their interface by configuring layout, content and system functionality.

Creative Logo Design

We create digital hallmarks and logos that put out your company’s message simply and efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization

We produce customized digital marketing services and a plan that aligns with your unique business needs.

Bulk Messaging Platform

You can send powerful bulk SMS campaigns, convey more using SMS attachments and access real-time delivery.

Superfast SSD, Cloud Hosting

Regular OS updates, strong UpTime and SLA, remote backups and robust failover systems.

Maintenance & Support

We promise excellent after-sale support and assistance regarding any issues or complaints.

We take pride in delivering quick, smart and effective service.

Enmay is the best and most professional Website Design & Website Development Company in Kolkata, West Bengal. Are you looking for top website development agency in Kolkata?

Your search ends here and now.In the current era, having a website for your business is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity. Your website is your gateway to interact with millions of customers across the globe and creates a first impression of your brand in the minds of your audience. A well-designed website is the starting point of brand building efforts and generating leads, sales, greater revenue and eyeballs, and so on.

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